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We offer private cruises for birthdays, parties, and wedding photoshoots at Atlantis.


Enjoy a cruise at the most beautiful moment of the day: sunset


Swim and explore the depths of the sea at one of Greece's most enchanting beaches: the Blue Lagoon.

Why Choose Us?

The boat named Atlantis Glass-Bottom features the largest glass with dimensions of 2×3 meters among boats in circulation, providing greater visibility and observation of the seabed, offering passengers a clear view of up to 9 meters.


At Atlantis with our glass bottom, we offer you the opportunity to capture unlimited photos of the underwater world and landscape. Capture the sunset, birthdays, parties, and many other events! Discover the enchanting world of submerged landscapes and record indelible memories. Don't miss this opportunity to capture your most wonderful moments!


The Captain will provide you with all the information you want to know about the seabed and the sea. With several hours of service at sea and underwater, entrust yourself to his hands and travel to another era with him. He will captivate you with his knowledge and skills.


The Glass Bottom allows you to admire the beauty of the seabed safely and comfortably. The maximum visibility of the seabed reaches up to 9 meters. You will see a magnificent seabed with fish and corals.


The cluster of six islands called Drenia or Donkey Islands will enchant you with their beautiful beaches, fairy-tale blue waters, and breathtaking scenery. It is a complex of rocky islets located about two miles from the mainland of Ouranoupolis and east of Ammouliani. Drenia is the largest, followed by Tigani (or Artemis), Penia (or Pontiki), Frini, and Donkey Island the smallest.


Discover our unique services for small cruises with the Atlantis boat to the ancient sunken city near Artemis Island (Drenia Islands). Enjoy the magic of the underwater world and discover its secrets, without leaving our boat. With the glass bottom of Atlantis, you will experience a unique adventure and create unforgettable moments. Come and explore the world of the sea with us!


At Atlantis with the glass bottom, we offer daily departures from the port of Ouranoupolis from 10:00 to 00:00, with a travel duration of 1 hour. Enjoy the unique experience of a journey with a glass bottom, observing the incredible beauty of the seabed. Come with us for an unforgettable experience!

To present Drenia (Donkey Islands) from a YouTube video, please click the button below.

Photo Albums

At Atlantis Glass-Bottom, you can create your own photo album with experiences that will leave you unforgettable memories. Discover the beauty of the seabed through the glass bottom of our boat and capture incredible moments with your family and friends. Additionally, you can enjoy the sun and the sea in the wider area of our boat. Visit us today and capture wonderful moments that will accompany you forever.

Make sure you don't miss out on these unforgettable experiences! Contact us now to arrange your next trip!

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